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Amy Scheepers Camera

Red Location, Port Elizabeth, Amy Scheepers, © 2010


Vusumzi Peter Twins

 Red Location, Port Elizabeth, Vusumzi Peter © 2010

Encouraging social awareness in photography students

The NMMU, Art and Design, Photography department places emphasis on the holistic development of their students. As such focusing extensively on incorporating a social and environmental awareness component within the teaching curriculum by combining excursions with an educational and community-linked outcome, serving to sensitize students to the diverse South African culture.

Photography excursions enable students to visit and document charitable organizations in the Eastern Cape, such as Animal Welfare, Missionvale Care Centre, and the Red Location. The various excursions teach the students about social responsibility and social consciousness. They are encouraged to contribute positively to both their environment and society, instilling a believe that anyone can make a difference in the world, an objective that the NMMU strongly supports and outlines in the Vision, Mission and Value statement.

Our course is structured highlighting the importance of people-centeredness, respect for diversity, engagement, excellence, innovation and integrity.

“Photographing in Missionvale felt that my photography had a purpose – to show and tell other people about what is happening out there” – Elsore Oosthuizen, Photography II, 2008

Ryan Roake Red Location

Red Location, Port Elizabeth, Ryan Roake © 2010



Red Location, Port Elizabeth, Leze Hurter © 2010


Leze Hurter Red Location

Red Location, Port Elizabeth, Leze Hurter © 2010