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Our Photography course is aimed at candidates who intend to make a career in photography, and have a strong professional orientation. All aspects of professional photography are covered both in practice and theory, with the greater part of the time spent on practical workshops and projects, either in our well equipped studio or on location.

The three year full-time course leads to the qualification of National Diploma in Photography, with the 4th year taking the student to the Bachelor of Technology degree, which is recognised as being on the level of an Honours degree. We are also accredited to offer Masters and Doctorate degrees in Photography.

The subjects covered include Applied Photography, Theory of Photography, Visual Communication and Professional Practice. Within these subjects we also do intensive modules and workshops on web design, digital imaging, Photoshop, moving media, book design and page layout.

We have a strong departmental focus on the photographic genres of fashion, advertising, portraiture, documentary, fine art and conceptual, digital illustration, landscape, automotive, industrial, and architecture. At all times creativity is king as we are portfolio driven and aim to equip students to hit the ground running.

Students are required to have their own DSLR cameras and lenses, but the department is well equipped with professional roll-film and 4x5 cameras, as well as a wide range of lighting equipment for both studio and location use.

Digital car photography in our studio

Digital car photography in our studio

Our main studio is 18 meters long by 9 meters wide, with full infinity curve walls. It is frequently used by local and visiting professional photographers for photography of cars and workshops, which provides further opportunities for students to see what is required in the “real world” of professional photography.

Students are encouraged to take part in local and international competitions. They have achieved many top awards over the past few years, particularly in the Photo Imaging Education Association competitions, which attract well over 6000 entries every year from all over the world.

Many of our graduates have made a name for themselves in the profession, both locally and internationally, for their high levels of creative work.

Ms Nadeema Azem
Faculty Administrator - Faculty of Arts
Tel: 27 41 504 2802

Mareli Esterhuizen

“The course has taught me an amazing balance of doing things technically perfect while being exceedingly creative and working extremely hard, while having the most fun possible. It has been a privilege working closely together with passionate photographers, artists, mentors and friends.”

Andrew Ingram

“My three years at Art School in Port Elizabeth went way beyond learning the technical side of photography. Thanks to the dedicated, and often eccentric lecturers; it was a lesson in life.”


Contact information
Mrs Roxane van Wyk
Laboratory Technician
Tel: 27 41 504 3379