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Digital Landscape Illustration 2007 Paul Cocks 

Digital Landscape Illustration ©2007 John Hobson

Highly motivated and creative individuals could follow careers in advertising, fashion, publishing, journalism, film/video production and editing as well as digital imaging technologies. Opportunities also exist in public relations, medical, scientific, commercial, architectural, industrial photography, photo lab management and equipment retailing. Extremely creative photographers can also follow the fine art photography route of doing gallery exhibitions and book projects.

Please visit the link to see examples of professional photography done by our current students and graduates.

Please come and view our student graduate exhibitions in early November each year.

Clint Muller

“Being able to study photography with a group of talented fellow students helped me develop my passion and inspired me to look at the world in ways that I had not seen it before.”

Contact information
Mr Glenn Meyer
Senior Lecturer / Course Coordinator For Photography Programme
Tel: 27 41 5043141