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Industrial Site Photography Field Trip c2008 Graham Thompson 

Industrial Site Photography Field Trip ©2008 Graham Thompson



The three year full-time course leads to the qualification of National Diploma in Photography, with the 4th year taking the student to the Bachelor of Technology degree, which is recognised as being on the level of an Honours degree. We are also accredited to offer Masters degree in Photography.

YEAR 1: Introductory Studies
(Full-time attendance)

  • Art Theory I
  • Communication I
  • Drawing Fine Art I
  • Two-dimensional Studies I
  • Three-dimensional Studies I

YEAR 2: Diploma in Photography
(Full-time attendance)

  • Applied Photography II
  • Theory of Photography II
  • Visual Communication II
  • Professional Practice II

YEAR 3: Diploma in Photography
(Full-time attendance)

  • Applied Photography III
  • Theory of Photography III
  • Visual Communication III
  • Professional Practice III

Within these subjects we also do modules and workshops on web design, digital imaging, Photoshop, moving media, book design and page layout.

The programme focusses on the photographic genres of fashion, beauty, advertising, studio still life, portraiture, documentary, fine art and conceptual, digital illustration, landscape, automotive, industrial, and architecture. Students will complete practical assigments to master these areas.

YEAR 4: Bachelor of Technology Degree
(Full-time 1 year; Part-time 2 years)

  • Applied Photography IV
  • Research Methods and Techniques I
  • Theory of Photography IV

Graduation Day C2007 Glenn Meyer 

Graduation Day ©2007 Glenn Meyer

Simon Pienaar

“Taking a picture isn’t difficult; anybody can learn to record a moment. My time studying photography at the NMMU has taught me to create images rather then simply capture them. For that I will always be grateful.”